Circulus Trading


Circulus Trading is an education platform, helping their students improve financial literacy through trading, investing and so much more. We built their platform complete with a members dashboard and built in courses behind a paywall.

πŸ—’ Overview

Circulus Trading is a financial literacy education platform that helps its students learn skills such as trading, investing and more to increase their sources of income. The team already had an existing website but it was important that they effectively communicated their new brand and their values.


πŸ€” The Problem

As mentioned, the team already had an existing website. They decided to rebrand their business and it was important their values were effectively communicated.Β 


It was also important that the website houses a members-only area that was dynamic with the different tiered systems of their platform.


An additional important factor is that the team are able to upload new content such as videos, documents or call schedules for their members. It is essential that the process is easy for everyone to do.


πŸŽ‰ The Outcome

The outcome of the project was 3 pages available to the public and many pages behind the scenes for members. There were 3 different dashboards created for each of their pricing tiers and different areas of study were complete with content such as videos and documents to create an immersive experience for the students so that they did not have to leave the website for any reason.


Overall, we built the team a brand new website, a user-friendly members area for their students with hundreds of hours of content and an easy system for the team to upload new material.


πŸ–Ό Showcase

It was a pleasure to work with the team at Circulus and helping them mould an experience for the members would help them develop skills that benefit them and their families.Β 


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