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Through the month of May we had the pleasure of working with a family run company looking to take their business online. David and Laurie have a physical location in Pontypridd, Wales and with the national lockdown decided it was time to expand their digital presense on top of an already successful instagram profile. They were also wanting to implement a new feature to their shop of selling collectable records as it's David's passion.

From their website, David and Laurie wanted a platform on the web where their customers can purchase products and get it delivered to their door, therefore it is important that the website works efficiently on all devices, as 54% of traffic was on mobile in the first quarter of 2021 alone (Source: Statista-Mobile Devices). It was also important to the team at ProVape that they could access the site themselves to update new products and stock.


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We created a homepage that was aesthetically pleasing and engaging, while simple to use and follow for customers. The homepage contains sections of each pages, and call to actions for visitors to get access to the products at all times. The stunning logo was created by Raul Seb at 94 Degrees and it really compliments the site.

The backend of the website is ran by a Content Management System (CMS) and E-Commerce plugin. It allows the team at ProVape to control their website with a simple interface that is easy to use. This means that they save money in the long run as they do not need to spend excess money on developer fees, they also receive lifetime support from us at Noz Design. Below are more deliverables we completed for the team:

  • Shop Filter System (CMS Powered).
  • Informative about page.
  • Age Verfication to gain access to the site.
  • Contact form for customers and also for support from the team.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Site that is ready to scale.

"Being able to work alongside Joe at Noz designs to build our website was an absolute pleasure. Joe was consistently bringing new and exciting ideas to the table, always going above and beyond with how we can make it better in every way possible. Being able to have the constructive and positive energy constantly bouncing around whilst discussing ideas or new routes to take was always a big enjoyment. Its near impossible to not be able to get along with Joe while working together, the guy is a great laugh and works to the full potential with everything he does, which explains how his work is of such a high quality. Would fully recommend Noz Designs to anyone, he gained another satisfied customer."

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Provape Age Verification on Mobile

Working with the team at ProVape was nothing short of a great experience and I look forward to seeing them grow their business online. It's great to see people doing things that they are passionate about - I look forward to helping you in the future.

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