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The founders of Section 11 Music, Jake and Jamie, were wanting to solidify their platform on the internet by creating a space where their followers can find all of their content. This made it imperative that there were areas that listeners can find their music, learn more about their label and learn more about the artists more in depth.

Another big thing for the guys at S11 was that the website is scalable and easy for them to update for when they bring out new music, they can upload it themselves.

It was really fun collaborating with them both as they already had amazing ideas for their website, I simply just helped them bring it to life.


Section 11 Mobile Home

We came together to create an engaging homepage which has a moving background of an emblem that means a lot to S11 along with their sleek logo in the centre. There is a clean side-sweeping nav bar that allows users to easily navigate their site.

A lot of the site is powered by a Content Management System (CMS) which uses dynamic content to add/create webpages. It means that the guys can add in content in their back end and it will automatically be laid out for them on the desired page, saving them a lot of time and costs for any adaptions they want to make to their site. More delivered is below.

  • Artist Profiles (CMS powered)
  • Interactive release sections for both beats and tracks. (CMS Powered)
  • Spotify playlists integrated to the site, allowing visitors to discover new music (CMS Powered)
  • 3 Different galleries (CMS Powered)
  • Dynamic contact form
  • Responsive on all devices
  • And more to come in the future.

"Being able to work alongside Joe at Noz designs to build our website was an absolute pleasure. Joe was consistently bringing new and exciting ideas to the table, always going above and beyond with how we can make it better in every way possible. Being able to have the constructive and positive energy constantly bouncing around whilst discussing ideas or new routes to take was always a big enjoyment. Its near impossible to not be able to get along with Joe while working together, the guy is a great laugh and works to the full potential with everything he does, which explains how his work is of such a high quality. Would fully recommend Noz Designs to anyone, he gained another satisfied customer."

Jake Brown - Section 11 Music

Section 11 Artist Display

As mentioned before, it was a pleasure to work with both Jake and Jamie at Section 11 Music and help them with this project - this is definitely the beginning of a very promising career and I look forward to working with you both again in the future.

Section 11 Shookz on Mobile
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