MetaLaunchers is a global agency that propels anything in the DEFI and NFT space to the moon. They already had their design, but we helped bring it to life. The team at MetaLaunchers are extremely talented and leaders in their industry.

🗒 Overview

“MetaLaunchers is a system - it's a machine. It moves as a monolith working to help people in this dangerous space; to educate people in an area filled with false prophets; to provide value in the midst of disinformation; to show transparency when so many people wear masks. Above all else, we are a family that emphasizes our core values, and we always look out for each other no matter the community we are in.”

MetaLaunchers is an industry-leading agency that big names in the Crypto/NFT space come to when they want the job doing, really well. Some of the names they have worked with are “The Walking Dead” and ‘W3baffiliates”. 

The team already had a design, they just needed their vision developed and brought to life.

🤔 The Problem

Whilst there was no such problem for MetaLaunchers, the main reason behind their website was to communicate their credibility and brand through their stunning design. The live website had to emulate their professionalism and communicate their efficiency in their work.

🎉 The Outcome

After 2.5 months the outcome was of course a stunning design brought to life. We built a cohesive landing page that perfectly outlines all of the qualities that MetaLaunchers embodies. To communicate the business’ movement and professionalism we added lots of animations to keep the visitors engaged with the web page.

The additional perks of Webflow are that for a growing team, such as MetaLaunchers, we are able to continuously keep adding to the website, such as new pages, without any issues.

  • The website is easy to navigate and entertaining
  • It holds all of the useful information for the business
  • Lots of positive feedback from both the team and visitors alike

🖼 Showcase

It was a pleasure to work with such as driven and ambitious team. They are taking over the Web3 space and it is no wonder why.

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