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Watts Fitness, founded by Ben Watts, is a coaching business that helps 9 to 5'ers get their dream body. Watts Fitness aims to make fitness not only simple but achievable for all. We built them a machine that turns organic traffic into paying clients.

🗒 Overview

Watts Fitness was founded by Ben Watts who helps 9 to 5ers get their dream body. Watts Fitness aims to make fitness not only simple but achievable for all. 

Ben has a following on socials, such as TikTok and Instagram and offers Programmes and Online Coaching, therefore he needed a place to offers these products and services. 

*Que the problem*

🤔 The Problem

Despite having a following on social media, Ben’s issue was that he had no central hub for his followers to learn more about him and purchase his products & services.

The fitness industry is VERY competitive, making it important to give people a reason to chose you over the hundreds of others of competition. Ben has an infectious personality, so he stands out on socials and is well versed in the industry - now he needed a marketing machine to not only automate processes, but also further make him stand out against the market.

🎉 The Outcome

Based on our strategy, the goal was to build a website for Ben where he can continue growing on social media and channel his traffic towards his website which would fulfill the heavy lifting of converting clients and entering them into his sales funnel. Saving him time to focus on what he does best, whilst also acquiring new customers.

🖼 Showcase

It was a pleasure working with Ben at Watts Fitness, he brought many great ideas to the table and also brought great content to help create the final product. We look forward to continuing to work with him & seeing him create a well deserved name for himself on social media and the fitness industry!

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