RG Valeting


RG Valeting is a car valeting service in the heart of Rugby. We helped them design and develop a stunning website along with a nifty custom code pricing calculator for their services!

πŸ—’ Overview

Rio at RG Valeting has been dominating the market locally making a name for himself due to his unmatched skills in making cars look like they have just rolled off the dealership forecourt after visiting them. Despite having a lot of customers through word-of-mouth, which is a testament to his services, he knew the next progression for his business would be to create a website.

πŸ€” The Problem

As a business owner, Rio has previously been doing a lot of tasks himself. Booking in clients, explaining prices, showing previous work, etc. With a website, we wanted this to do a lot of the heavy lifting for him to free up more time to focus on the things that require more of his time.


Whilst Rio has a strong following on social media and loyal customers, he wanted to create his own entity that he has 100% ownership of. Whilst social media has great reach, the future is unpredictable.


Having his own website opens up more opportunities, such as being found on Google Search and new levels of professionalism due to testimonials and showcasing previous work.


Due to having a wealth of services, it was also important to effectively communicate their purposes so customers can decide whether it is something they need.


πŸŽ‰ The Outcome

We created Rio a striking website with brand colours and extremely user-friendly for all visitors to navigate with ease. The main focus was to allow customers to work out their pricing for themselves with the custom code calculator we built.Β 


Additionally, we also linked his online booking system so customers can easily book a slot for their car’s spa day. The main focus was allowing customers to easily get in touch with RG Valeting, saving time and money for everyone.


The great news too? Rio already has a positive ROI not even a year after the website being made.




πŸ–Ό Showcase

It was great working with Rio, he truly puts his customers before anything else and that reflects in not just himself, but in his brand.

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